Internet project: virtual hotel and landscape

Modelled and rendered with various 3D software, web site with room reservation system
Site redesign and re-programming for mobile and various screen sizes, HTML5

20 years ago, our Hotel Vue des Alpes went online and opened its guest rooms on the Internet. Many tourists have since visited Vue des Alpes and enjoyed their virtual holidays in the digital Alps. However, the imminent end of the product life cycle of Flash Media Player made it necessary to re-program the entire site and player of the hotel project in HTML5. At the same time, we have given the interface a contemporary touch without throwing overboard the look-and-feel of the former website.

The new, responsive site of Hotel Vue des Alpes reopened in 2020. It is accessible with smart phone or desktop browser at

While the web site and player have been completely re-done, the project itself and all its components and media assets remain unchanged. It is still possible to book one of the nine hotel rooms for free and enjoy virtual walks within the fictitious landscape.

More information on the project and the original desktop version from 2000: Vue des Alpes