Livestream installation, this version developped for:
"Mockumentary: Reality is not enough", MMOMA Moscow

Mountain Top is a multipart livestream installation. A huge backdrop image of a mountain landscape is mounted to the wall. in front of this, an accessible platform with a bench invites visitors to climb it, sit down and enjoy the scenic view. A small, mostly unnoticed video camera located in the back of the room is recording these visitors while sitting on the bench. The printed grasses, moss and stones on the transparent foreground object hide the platform in the camera perspective, creating the illusion of the visitor being present within the landscape.

This recording is encoded and live streamed to the Internet site of the exhibition. It is then re-transmitted to a 19" screen with a short delay. As soon as the visitor watches their proper image within the landscape on screen, that the illusion of 'having been there' arises with them.