Interactive installation, 3D engine software development

Gleissenhorn Livecam claims to show the live weather conditions from the Gleissenhorn region in the online project of Vue des Alpes. The camera rotates at constant speed in an endless sweep, and every 10 minutes a new 360 degree image reflecting the daytime and weather shows up. The synthetic image is based on the computer's system time and date; it is a collage of pre-rendered 3D shots of weather situations, depending on the point in time.

This camera is a bit like the weather or traffic cams on the net, and somehow the images it delivers are not less true or real than images from the net.

On the other hand, it is also sort of a 'time machine': With the mouse, the user can set the date and time they want and watch the changes of light and weather. You can even move in time in both directions: Back to the year 0 AD and into the future until the year 3000.

For the Pro Helvetia version of the Gleissenhorn Livecam, an installational variant of the work, the user interaction part is omitted.