Livecam installation
commissioned by S.M.A.K. Gent
for the group exhibition "Beyond the Picturesque"

Construction: 392cm x 404cm x 880cm (h/w/d), wood, cardboard, painted wood
surface: 78 polygons, inkjet print on tarpaulin, various dimensions
backdrop image: 500cm x 480cm (h/w), inkjet print on tarpaulin
ramp: 40cm x 180cm x 500cm (h/w/d), painted wood

Video camera and 14" screen, live broadcast

Loch is a multipart spatial installation including a livecam. Visitors are recorded accessing a small ramp running between a cave construction and a landscape print on the wall. At the end of the ramp a small screen is attached to the wall where visitors can look at themselves, as seen from inside the cave. A video camera mounted in the back of the cave is continually recording live images, compositing visitors into the landscape.
At the end of the exhibition the tour leads into the cave, where the visitor becomes the observer, watching other visitors from the camera position.