Permanent public art installation
courtyard of the new building for the Vetsuisse Faculty, Zurich
competition on invitation by: Baudirektion des Kanton Zürich, Kunst und Bau

138 triangular aluminium panels, inkjet printed surface
supporting structure in stainless steel
rock wall: 425cm x 220cm x 1050cm (h/w/d)
boulder: 137cm x 185cm x 420cm (h/w/d)
yard: 515cm x 415cm x 1950cm (h/w/d)

The Gehege installation was the result of a Kunst und Bau competition for the new small animal clinic (architect: Baumann Roserens).
The narrow space of the wall-encircled courtyard is defined into a classical terrarium display by placing two artificial rock formations, overgrown with digital moss, fern and lichen.