Interactive animation
screen presentation (size undefined)

Cubic panorama, XGA, with embedded video animation
PC, proprietary software development
2 video animation loops: "Smoke" (30") and "Flying dream" (2'08")
Socle with mouse for navigation

An interactive work presented on a PC screen. The cubic panorama shows the interior of one of the Vue des Alpes hotel rooms. Like in a tableau vivant, the moving objects, which act as small signs of life, remain rather unnoticed.
By using the mouse to look around in the room, the visitor may discover the running TV set. Holding down the mouse activates the program 'on air': A short dream of flying across an irrational terrain of mountains, culminating in an allusive picture of buddha.

As the landscape motive with the survey pyramid in the Flying Dream video is the same arrangement as in Vermessung, both works have been on display together.