Photos: Serge Hasenböhler

On the occasion of the exhibition "Swiss Media Art - Pax Art Awards 2020", the docu-fiction paperback: Der Wolkenknödelpalast (Wolkenknödel Palace) was published.

The solo exhibition Wolfskind Project at the HEK House of Electronic Arts focused on a fictional narrative about the history of consciousness and AI research that were freely invented but nonetheless plausibly presented at first glance.
The exhibition display of the mysterious Wolfskind Project was designed as an interactive walk through museum exhibits. It consisted of various story-related objects and installations, such as crates with AI cores, generative animations, documentary text panels, and - as the centerpiece - the reconstruction of the legendary Wolkenknödel Palace, a shrine for an AI. In this livecam installation, visitors were able to interact with an AI core in person.
Furthermore, a paperback was published to reveal all known scientific facts about the project in short novel form to the interested reader.

For a more detailed description of the individual works see the links in the list above.