App for Android smart phones
Generative programming in APK

Documentary video on (2'24")

Mobile app and documentary created for the online project "100 ways to live a minute" of the Pushkin Museum XXI, Moscow.

T.R.I.P. is short for "Transcendence for Real and Implicit Personalities".
It is a further development of the 2009 T.R.I.P. research programme, where scientists of the imaginary FOWDIB institute1 develop pharmaceuticals for stressed and unhappy digital devices, based on the claim that animated cyclic RGB color gradients induce trance-like states, not only in humans but also in digital devices. Installing and running the app will let you and your phone slide into a trance together, which allows for a better non-verbal communication with your device.
This was meant as a comment of the massive overuse of communication devices during the period of social confinement and isolation in the covid-19 pandemic.

The app can be downloaded from
(Android devices only).

1 The organization FOWDIB (Fondation Woodhead for Digital Consciousness) is not a physical institute, but a construct that allows to digitally stage borderline scientific questions in a parodic imitative form.