Beings, the 6th level of the Passage Park series, is a commission by GSH Wettingen (ch). It was conceived as an interactive projection within a site-specific spatial construction at the GSH exhibition space.

Visitors enter the dark installation space through a small door-like opening and corridor in a built-in wall, acessing a painted wooden visitor platform. They plunge into the projected animation and soundscape of a digitally created night forest, a foggy landscape of trees, shrubs, underwood, and strange scaffoldings. All these objects are constructed as 3D models, and placed at random and set in motion by the Passage Park game engine.
The landscape projection can be navigated at an ambling pace with a joystick; from time to time strange glowing lights are revealed behind the trees. When approached, these beings grow into colorful 'ectoplasmatic' light apparitions, until they fill the whole scenery, seemingly enveloping the observer in their colored light, and eventually dissolve and vanish.

For technical and functional details of the Passage Park series and 3D engine development see Passage Park #7: Relocate