VR installation

Realtime generated VR application (endless)
ambient stereo sound
HTC Vive VR Headset, PC Laptop
proprietary software development

wooden box 41cm x 79cm x 61cm (h/w/d), paper labels

The HALLUC crate is one of the three AI crates belonging to the fictitious Wolfskind Project. Together with the other two crates, it serves as a mockup of the legendary AI personality cores developed at the Putumayo Center in the 1960s.

Each of the three cores maps an individual aspect of communication: While the Giggle crate was meant to learn authentical laughing, the core named Entity of Unknown Status is a network focussed on semantic language skills, giving verbal instructions at button push.
The HALLUC core is based on the question of whether hallucinations are possible in machines, what they could look like, and what effects they might have on any kind of machine consciousness.

With the VR goggles, visitors are immersed in a kaleidoscopic dance of digital beings that swarm around them.