digital animation

3D generated animation, HD 16:9 video (HD 720p25), loop 6min
beam projection or screen presentation

The Dark Matter video is a digital animation. Based on the idea of the hypothetical 'dark matter' mass, an invisible component of the physical universe which has not yet been confirmed, the existence of a kind of 'digital matter' is pretended. The 6 min video loop shows a primordial soup of colourful structures in constant transformation, which are entirely generated by shader algorithms and 3D rendered.
Even though they seem to be based on microscopical material, or on telescopic views on distant galaxies, these images cannot be related to a non-ambiguous, real-world origin. The impression of a creation in process is captivating; beautiful on the one hand but disconcerting at the same time for the strangeness of its weirdly amorphous surfaces.